Run, cycle, swim- whatever. Stats show that people are on the move. Guess what? Howler’s keeping up.

You can now get your marathon entries through Howler. How? The same way you’d get any other tickets- with our cashless and fuss-free process. …

As the festive season rolls around, more and more organizers will be looking for a Covid-safe guideline to follow. Well, look no further.

Plett Rage has generously offered to share their Covid-19 plan with the rest of the events industry… Or anyone for that matter!

With the support of Howler’s screening solution, Plett Rage’s appeal to host their annual, week-long celebration was met with open arms by the Plett Municipality and resulted in success.

Click on the link below and use it as inspiration for your own event. Any troubles? No worries. Get in touch and we’ll help you navigate your event through these challenging covid times.

Download Plett Rage’s Event COVIC Plan Implementation Strategy here.


With Howler, every moment matters. The platform that is dedicated to letting you experience entertainment the way you want.

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