High times for the Cannabis Expo

For the first time ever, The Cannabis Expo took place online. It was forced to. The covid-19 pandemic upended all plans for Africa’s largest and most attended consumer trade event of its kind. Luckily, The Cannabis Expo partnered with a platform they knew would create engaging and enterprising moments for all involved; howler.

This meant that guests from all over the world were able to attend the 3-day delegate conference and virtual exhibition from the comfort of their home. And they did. Almost 50 of the country’s cannabis industry leaders engaged with over 1 500 guests, who knew Mary Jane was so popular?

It’s a budding industry, no pun intended. Since changes in legislation, cannabis products have boomed. And the industry’s expected to reach R106 billion in market value by 2025. Ah, that explains it.

The conference and exhibition was a successful first attempt at bringing a rapidly growing industry together in a time when business and growth has been stinted. This is all thanks to the never-say-die attitude of both the Cannabis Expo and howler team.

Public access was free. Attendees could watch panel discussions and presentations, with experts shedding light on the laws, growing tips and industry as a whole. Attendees could also browse the range of virtual expo stands with videos, images, catalogues and shoppable items, giving each exhibitor a real presence at the expo.

At 4:20pm each day, attendees were able to congregate in the “Blaze Lounge”. And using the engaging high fidelity map, networking was real. Guests were able to chat, leave comments and rub virtual elbows.

Live and on-demand content meant that viewers could join the conversation whenever, and from wherever. Even after the event.

With almost 200 attendees making use of the sharable photobooth, this conversation was howling across all platforms.

The entire time, the “Delegate Zone Access” was available to attendees. They could pay to engage and interact with speakers, become part of the show and really immerse themselves in the network of cannabis industry experts.

Features used:

✔️ Custom ticketing
✔️ Data Capture
✔️Multilevel exhibition styled virtual event
✔️Exhibitor content pages
✔️Virtual photobooth
✔️ Private networking rooms
✔️ Gated streams
✔️ Live and on-demand
✔️ Chat function
✔️ Schedule listing
✔️ White labelling
✔️ High Fidelity Map

Plus, we smashed a world record. “Most people smoking marijuana in one virtual space, at the same time.”

This was the first of many to come.

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